Why are we throwing a party in Christchurch City?

- It is for us to have an excuse to party that isn't a wedding.
- We miss uni dress-up parties so are throwing one.
- We all have nice houses now, so no one wants a rager at theirs. 


early bird catches the martini

Doors will open at 7:30 pm and you are going to want to be on time because for the first hour we are having the SUPREME HOUR.  Free espresso martinis for the first hour or until stocks last. 


dress up essential                      

A lot of people are wondering why we are throwing this party. It's because I miss uni parties and having an excuse to drink that isn't a wedding. Dress up is a must. Theme: Nautical. 


just bring ya'self                      

Well also bring your ID, a costume, and maybe a few friends. However, you won't need money because your ticket will include food, drink and some sweet entertainment. 
Band 8:30 pm, DJ 10:30 pm.


Saturday 22 September

7:30pm - Late | Benny's Barber Shop 105 Disraeli St, Sydenham

First release - SOLD OUT

Second release - $65.00