Personal & Business Consulting


I can help you…

If you are an individual needing to talk about your next steps in life. Or you want turn an idea into reality but don’t know where to start. If you are a business and have become stuck. If you want a business mentor to help you get to the next level. Even if it is just a one-off job you need done. I can help.

I have been mentoring people and helping businesses overcome obstacles for 5 years now. I have founded three businesses, become a marriage celebrant and turned it into a money making side hustle and a raised $200k in funding to launch indigo & iris. I have experience in starting businesses in New Zealand, overcoming the hurdles that come with it and making decisions to get s*** done.

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Where I can’t help I can help you find the right people who can. I work for you as a self-employed contractor and charge at an hourly rate. I work fast and efficiently.

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I can help with…

  • Start Up 101, turn your idea into a reality.

  • Personal mentoring, making life decisions and working it out.

  • Registering a company, all the administration that comes with starting a business.

  • Business Structures and legal.

  • Marketing strategies.

  • Sales plans and funnels.

  • Website development.

  • PR & media relations.

  • Funding, crowdfunding and investment.

  • Social media strategies.

  • Plus more.

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